FinTech: Trends and Winners

The importance of innovation in the global banking sector is paramount to the ability of financial institutions to respond to ever-growing consumer expectations and needs, and protect market share in an increasingly competitive field. The core of the organizational business structure of financial institutions is becoming digitized, and as these technologies continue to innovate and evolve, investment can expect to flow into these innovations and enhancements.

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Self-Regulation: How Big Tech Could Beat Washington to the Punch

The fallout over the misuse of data at Facebook has stirred up debates over privacy and data ownership everywhere. From your everyday consumer to your typical civically active and socially aware keyboard warriors, the public is demanding assurance that such a blatant misuse of data and breach of privacy won’t ever happen again. This marks the end of the blind and implicit trust the public has granted to tech companies thus far, and hiding behind the nuances and jargon of the tech industry will no longer suffice as a sufficient excuse to the public.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Launch

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update left many disappointed with the lack of innovation in the new computer operating system. The update included many quality improvements, as well as bug fixes, but failed to add any new bold Windows features. 15063.1112 for Windows 10 1703 and 14393.2273 for Windows 10 1607, includes fixes to bugs in the operating system that were launched in previous content updates but had yet to be added to older builds.

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